You own a small business. You are considering starting a Limited Liability Company (LLC) to limit your business’s liability for its debts and dealings. You’ve been told an LLC is easy to create on your own without the assistance of an attorney. As you begin the LLC creation process, you begin to question your decision not to hire an attorney with business law expertise. You run into legal questions you don’t know the answer to and have concerns as to whether the choices you have made in setting up your LLC will truly provide the needed legal protection for your business. I have been hired by many individuals that now need an attorney to fix the mistakes they made when they set up their LLC on their own.

The first question an attorney can help answer is whether an LLC is the correct business entity formation for your business. You may be creating an LLC when you should be incorporating your business as an S-Corporation. An attorney with legal expertise in business can customize your business entity documents to meet the unique circumstances of your business. This provides greater legal protection for you and your business. An attorney can assist in intellectual property protection for your business. This protects your business’s trademarks and copyrights from infringement, while ensuring that you are not infringing on another business’s trademarks and copyrights. Lastly, an attorney can assist your business in creating the various contracts and legal documents your business needs to operate with minimal legal risk.

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