Charles Goodyear was one of the most important inventors of the 19th Century.  His  scientific breakthrough in 1839 forever changed the world. We utilize his invention on a daily basis.  Goodyear discovered the process of vulcanized rubber.  Up until 1839, attempts at creating rubber products had been universal failures.   The idea of making waterproof products from the rubber gum imported from Brazil was novel at first, but the rubber failed to hold up during rapid weather changes.  The rubber would turn stone hard and brittle in the winter and turn sticky and gooey during the hot summer months.  Goodyear saw the potential in rubber and spent years trying to create a rubber product that was both pliable and kept its form.  Finally, Goodyear discovered that by heating the natural rubber with sulfur, vulcanized rubber was created.  The durable rubber Goodyear had envisioned was now a reality.  The car tires we ride on, the belts that machines rely on for motion, and water-proof rubber boots are all by-products of Goodyear’s invention.  Because Goodyear recognized the importance of his creation, he patented his rubber vulcanization process and spent a great deal of time and energy defending his process against those trying to piggyback off of his discovery.  He recognized the sacrifice and hard work that had gone into the discovery of vulcanized rubber and sought to keep his discovery from being cannibalized by others.

As a business owner, maybe you have developed unique processes or products that have given your business an edge in the marketplace.  So how do you proactively prevent other individual’s from utilizing your business’s trade secrets?  In today’s competitive world, there is always a danger in having employees, contractors, and clients divulge your company’s intellectual property or trade secrets or use that information to unfairly compete against you. A Non-Compete Agreement can help prevent former employees or contractors from competing against you by working for a competitor or starting a business in the same business field.  A Non-Disclosure Agreement can help prevent former employees, contractors, or even clients from divulging sensitive or confidential information about your business.  An experienced business law attorney can create customized Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Agreements that can protect your business and prevent others from benefiting from your hard work and ingenuity.

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