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Will Authority and Recognition

When dealing with parties or transacting business, the executor of an estate will need to ensure that the will is recognized as a valid document.


Trust Authority and Recognition

Trustees must show evidence that the trust is a valid document, as well as proving who is authorized to act as the trustee.

Probate Process


Never Made a Will - Intestacy

Where a deceased person did not make financial designations or leave directions in a trust or last will, the decedent's assets will transfer according to Utah Probate Laws.  Also, Utah's laws provide a priority of persons who qualify for appointment as Executor or Personal Representatives.  Consultation with an Attorney regarding intestacy is recommended, though a review of Utah's Probate process is beneficial.


A Copy of the Will is Available but No Original

After making all efforts to find the original last will and testament, if you determine it was somehow lost or destroyed, you could use a copy of the will if you have one.   Although not ideal, in formal probate a copy of a last will can be presented under 

Administration Checklist

Get oriented on the most important things to do after your loved one passes away.

Following Death Checklist (pdf)


Executor Appointment and Removal

Trustee Appointment and Removal

Distribution and Beneficiary Issues



Real Property

Personal Property

Mail, Email & Online Accounts


Debts, Savings & Insurance

Business Interests

Bodily Remains