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Navigating Business Acquisitions

November 10, 2012  |   Posted by :   |   Acquisition, Merger, Reorganization   |   0 Comments

Business acquisitions are constantly making news.  Corporations and businesses, big and small, buy competing and non-competing businesses for a variety of reasons.  Maybe a business is looking to expand their market share in their industry or maybe they are looking to diversify their product offerings to satisfy investors or bring long-term stability to the organization.  […]

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A Family Limited Partnership

August 13, 2012  |   Posted by :   |   Acquisition, Merger, Reorganization, Trust Design   |   0 Comments

“Shopping at Walmart” has become part of the fabric of American life.  Walmart is the largest chain of retail stores in the world and the 18th largest publicly traded company in the world.  In 2011, Walmart had just over $420 billion in revenue.  Regardless of your personal feelings about Walmart, there is no denying the […]

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