Asset Protection and Tax Trusts

Trusts Design for more complex scenarios such as tax planning or asset protection often provide great benefits and protection to our client.  Often, the right type of planning can make the difference between leaving behind a legacy and leaving behind a mess. Allegis law can guide you through the process of designing and funding a trusts that plans for liability and taxes.

Asset Protection Planning

Allegis Law approaches asset protection planning as risk management services rather than creditor avoidance services. With numerous statutory safe harbors and practical risk management tools available to the average person, we are usually able to find numerous risk management tools approaches to fit your circumstances.

At Allegis Law we begin your asset protection or risk management plan with a comprehensive interview to identify your current and future risks. We then prepare a design, outlining your various options to address these risks. Reviewing the design of your plan will help you to clarify many opportunities not only for risk management, but also for tax and business planning that you might not have previously considered. Once you make a decision as to which approach is appropriate to your circumstances, Allegis Law will assist you in implementing, and – most importantly – maintaining your planning.

In all circumstances, Allegis Law places great importance on planning which is not only transparent and flexible, but also backed by statutory authority or other legal authority. Our expert attorneys will guide you through the complexities of an Asset Protection Planning, while making sure your plan is legally sound and fulfills your needs for your assets.

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Tax Planning

Careful tax planning can produce astonishing results and save a fortune. The complexity of the tax code makes it essential that you seek competent counsel in planning to minimize your tax burdens. Allegis Law can take the wide-angle view of your situation and find strategies which will help you to minimize the tax burdens associated with your estate.

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