Allegis Law General Counsel Services

Allegis Law provides a general counsel legal services as a solution to limit your risks with planning, strong business operation controls, and good legal counsel.  For businesses who do not yet need full-time legal services, Allegis Law’s General Counsel Services can be a much less expensive way to reduce business risks.

The Need for Business Legal Counsel

Each activity your company undertakes puts one more risk out there. Sometimes we are lucky and nothing goes wrong, but that risk is still out there. And when problems come up, leaders and managers always ask: “Could our company have avoided this?”

Many companies hire one attorney at a time to fight problems as problems come up. With general counsel, support staff, office space, and research tools costing upwards of a quarter million per year, these companies feel they can’t afford legal counsel. They avoid thinking about risks, neglecting them until one of the risks becomes a real problem to fight.   We’ve seen that some of these problems can even turn out to be business-ending events sometimes.

Allegis Law General Counsel legal services are affordable and tailored to the small to mid-sized business in need of ongoing counsel without incurring the overhead of hiring a full-time lawyer.

Allegis Law General Counsel Advantages

Allegis Law General Counsel legal services are suitable for companies wishing to manage their risks without the expensive overhead of hiring an attorney. The most common rationale for engaging Allegis Law for General Counsel include:

  • Companies paying some legal fees but not yet needing full time counsel will benefit from Allegis Law’s General Counsel Services.
  • Ensure that your activities don’t create undue liabilities
  • Put a fence at the top of a hill instead of an ambulance at the bottom.
  • Cost Advantage: Hiring In House Legal Counsel is expensive between lawyer wages and benefits, staff, facility space, and research tools and technology. We provide a scalable legal counsel option
  • Discount Advantage: Discount on Allegis Law network attorneys in non-standard matters.
  • Tax Advantage: Some costs, if incurred by the company in connection with the hiring of outside counsel, may be capitalized as part of the transaction expense (that is, it may not have to be immediately expensed). 

Menu of Business Legal Services

Allegis Law is able to assist clients in managing diverse legal projects through outside counsel relationships to achieve cost savings in litigation and other legal matters outside the scope of our general counsel services.   Allegis Law provides General Counsel services including contract design, legal risk management, and entity formation and organization design. A sample list of services clients have include:

  • Periodic Legal Audits and Ongoing Legal Counsel
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Supplier Contracts
  • Customer Contracts
  • Software/technology/License Agreements
  • Partner/Reseller/Distributor Agreements
  • Professional Services Agreements
  • Development/Outsourcing Agreements
  • Legal Department Establishment and Maintenance
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Succession Planning – Life Insurance Expertise
  • Captive Insurance
  • Risk Management Assessment
  • Liability Insurance Vendor Management
  • Fixed Fee for predetermined legal projects
  • Discount on legal fees when needed for non-standard work
  • Dedicated de facto General Counsel – up to 3 days per week on a pre-negotiated rate lower than small firms