Trust Design

Many people see trust design and estate planning as a one-time event that they need to get out of the way, but I look at it differently. At Allegis Law, we see it as a way to address and improve some of the most important aspects of your life: Your comfort, well-being, financial security, and family relationships.

We have occasionally met with clients who were just planning to do a will using software, an internet website, or a generalist attorney with limited estate planning experience. Well, that might work for some, but we ask them to really think about that decision. The documents you get from these sources are nearly always “cookie cutter,” and designed for the masses, not YOUR unique situation. Not to mention that pasting your name into a boiler plate will or power of attorney does not come close to addressing the complex financial and family issues that must be addressed by a good estate planner.

We have studied the plans that these sources produce because we encounter them on a regular basis in my law practice. Frequently, it is the details of these plans and the ways in which they never get implemented that makes a huge difference. When we prepare an estate plan for a client, we go through hundreds of considerations, navigating dozens of pitfalls unique to your situation along the way. It is simply not feasible that a “one-size-fits-all” approach to estate planning can address you and your family’s needs to provide you with a plan that will stand the tests of life and death.

Our clients simply expect more than an estate planning that produces a document that you set on a shelf to gather dust. Our clients expect estate planning advice that can save them taxes, increase their cash flow, protect their assets, and guard the inheritance of their children.

If this is the approach to estate planning that you are looking for, give us a call at 801-938-4035.

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