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Business Law Services

General Counsel Services

As businesses operate, questions and needs continually arise that must be carefully navigated with the assistance of legal counsel.  We work with clients in various stages of growth and different industries, providing ongoing general counsel and legal guidance.

Business Entity Formation

Selecting and forming an entity, whether to either carry out an active enterprise or to hold and protect assets, requires careful consideration of the differences in stakeholder contributions (service vs. capital), growth or disposition planning, jurisdiction, and owner liability profiles.  When entities are integrated into a larger plan, as is commonly the case, the design of the structure must be implemented with great care and attention to tax consequences and permissibility of transfers.

Corporation, S Corp, and LLC - Succession and Reorganization

The transfer or reorganization of corporation or LLC entities requires careful consideration of a number of federal and state law issues and a plan is required to efficiently structure the transaction  Often, the company is required federal, state, and regulatory  filings, as well as maintaining  formalities with members, managers, and board and officer requirements.  Consultation with an attorney is essential to optimize the outcome of any reorganization.