Caring for Pets

Finding a Pet Caregiver

Often there is uncertainty in what to do for a pet after the owner passes away.  When it is unclear where an animal should go, try using one of the following resources.

Directing the Care of a Pet

Each pet is unique and may require specific foods, medications, therapy, or devices to be comfortable.  Ensure that the pet continues to receive kind and loving care by providing pet care directions.

Transfer Pet Ownership and/or Resources

Pets are considered personal property under the law, and when they have been registered or licensed in the name of a deceased person, the ownership of the pet  will need to be transferred to the new owner.  Further, Utah law allows pet owners to provide for the care of their pets in a will or trust in Honorary Trusts under Utah Code Annotated 75-2-1001.  Where a will or trust directs for the allocation of resources to a pet, the executor or trustee must ensure that the deceased person's wishes are carried out.