Debts and Collections

Stop Collections Calls

If collectors are calling you about the bills of a deceased person, you need to be careful of what you say.  Consult with an attorney to implement a plan to satisfy creditors and stop calls

Satisfying Debts and Obtaining Release

Some debts will need to be paid by the proceeds of the estate, such as real estate mortgages on real property owned by the estate.  However, it is not mandatory to pay other debts and the claim can be disallowed.  For example, if a creditor has not filed a claim against the estate within the allowed time, the estate can disallow payment of the debt.  Also, after paying off a debt, be sure the creditor provides a written release to the claim and/or withdraws their claim if filed in a probate court.  Discuss prioritizing payment of debts and obtaining releases from debts with an attorney.